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Supporting Parkinson's



Changes lives dramatically

Has no cure

Is a progressive neurological condition

Can be difficult to diagnose

People experience a wide range of different symptoms

Young people can get it as well as the elderly

Follow the link to find out more:   Parkinson's UK

Parkinson's Wales on Facebook:   Parkinson'sCymru

Parkinson's Awareness Week

In April each year

Supporting Womb Cancer

Endometrial / Uterine / Womb Cancer


  • Three names for One Cancer
  • Not one of the high profile, well-known cancers​
  • Women of any age can develop this form of cancer
  • There is no test to help detect this cancer at present
  • 25 women are diagnosed every day in the UK
  • 20% of women diagnosed are of child-bearing age
  • Desperately in need of more research​
  • Support research: Action on Womb Cancer

Womb Cancer Awareness


  • September is Womb Cancer Awareness Month
  • Peach is the colour for Womb Cancer Support
  • Need info and support? 
  • Find help here: Womb Cancer Support UK

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