Luxury Knitwear Care Guide

Love Your Knitwear

The finest yarns have been chosen and loving hand-knitted for you

Your exquisite, luxury, knitwear deserves tender loving care

Keep Your Knitwear Looking Great

Dry Clean or Hand Wash recommended

Knitwear Washing Guide:

Hand Wash at a cool, lukewarm temperature 

Use a specialist wool washing liquid or a gentle baby shampoo

Do not rub or wring

Squeeze gently to remove excess water

Rinse and squeeze gently, repeating as many times as required  

Place flat on a towel and then roll up 

Squeeze the bundle gently 



Dry Flat  

Storage For Great Shape

Fold your luxury knitwear neatly

Store flat, preferable in an airtight zipped bag

Take your knitwear out to air periodically

To air, place over the back of a chair

Never hang your knitwear as it will stretch out of shape

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