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Aniela Designs: Original painting, Welsh mountains covered in snow in Winter. Moody skies.

Original Art

Do you want to standout from the crowd?

An original piece of art could help you do just that. 

My art could make a brilliant statement piece for your office.

Alternatively you may want to relax with a personal piece for your home.

Art is a highly personal experience and I hope you'll love my paintings.

Cairngorms, Scotland in summer


Snowdonia, North Wales and Scotland are my inspiration and fuel my passion for beautiful landscapes and moody skies. 

The wild untamed nature of their rugged mountains, rivers, lakes and coasts, especially in winter, appeals to the artist in me.

I'm always in awe of the grandeur of the mountains and captivated by the forever changing light as it plays across the landscape, as I try and capture their essence in my original artworks.

Aniela Designs original paintings exhibition

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